Bobux Lady Jane Shoes – Pink

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Ad a touch of sweetness to any outfit with these fashionable Bobux Lady Jane Shoes – Pink. The beautiful styles keep little minds entertained whilst busy feet remain warm and protected without restricting their movements.

Soft, natural leather breathes and moulds to a child’s foot making soft soles the perfect indoor shoe at any age! Bobux soft soles are the first and original elasticated leather shoes that stay on.

  • Breathable leather
  • Soft  & natural
  • Protective layer
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Non slip suede sole
  • Elasticated ankle
  • Room for toe & foot movement
  • Unrestricted foot movement
  • Room for toes to grip
  • Flexible leather allows feet to bend

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We all like treating ourselves to a frivolous fashion splurge every now and again- but when it comes to buying footwear for our mini-me’s, healthy development has to be considered alongside fashion.


Choosing the right pair of shoes early on is crucial, as kids feet start life so incredibly soft and pliable, they need absolute flexibility to develop as nature intended. Tight fitting socks, rigid soles and materials that don’t move and flex can hamper healthy development. Alarmingly, they don’t feel pain until the damage is done.


Did you know that toddlers keep their heads up more when they are walking barefoot, using their visual horizon to aid in balance?

Yup. The sensory feedback they get from the ground means there is less need to look down, which is what puts them off balance and causes them to fall down.

So, walking barefoot not only develops the muscles, ligaments and strength of the foot and the foot’s arch, it also improves awareness of where they are in relation to the space around them and contributes to good posture.


At Bobux we believe in ‘stage, not age’. Foot shape is more accurately dictated by the stage of development your child is at, not by the number of months they have been alive, so we design shoes that support the foot at each stage of development.



Using the chart below, you can figure out which Bobux range would be best for your little one.


Not walking or crawling yet. Sitting and some crawling taking place.

Super soft, unrestricting shoes are what they need. A second layer on their delicate feet to provide them with protection and comfort whilst ensuring secure grip.


Cruising, assisted walking, and walking – crawling on occasion.

First time walkers have a unique foot shape, which is reflected in our step up range. They are as flexible as a shoe can get for enabling unrestricted development.


Walking, running, jumping and generally being a chaotic ball of energy.

A confident walker has a more developed, but still unique foot shape. The i-walk range accommodates this, providing the best possible flexibility whilst adding grip for kids on the go.

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