Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi London

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Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi London. Stylish, spacious and fully equipped

Why choose Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi London?

  • Luxurious with maximum comfort for baby
  • Classic Black/White
  • Complete pram with seat unit and carrycot
  • Includes mattress, two aprons, integral sunshade and insect net
  • Generous inner dimensions
  • Tested according to EN1888:2012

Mondial is based on one of our bestselling prams, which has already received international recognition. As a result, every detail has been tested and refined. With the Mondial, you can enjoy a shopping trip and stay out all day, with a clear conscience, knowing that your child has a comfortable and peaceful environment in the spacious carrycot.

Mondial is fully equipped for use from birth to 3 years of age including a carrycot and a reversible seat unit and a choice of 6 different chassis.  If you buy an adapter the pram can be used as a travel system with a car seat.

Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi London Specifications:
  • Pram weight with the Seat: 14.5kg
  • Pram weight with the Bassinet: 17.5kg
  • Weight Capacity: 25kg
Included with Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi London 


Easy Fix
Safety harness
Safe Frame
Cradle function
Extendable Hood
Insect Net

About Emmaljunga

The Emmaljunga pram factory has manufactured prams at the same location in Emmaljunga, Sweden since 1925. We have a strong concern for the environment and want to offer our customers the opportunity to also consider this factor in their purchase, in addition to genuine Swedish quality. Our core values of safety, function and design have made Emmaljunga a well respected name in the pram industry around the world.

Emmaljunga has been manufacturing prams in its own factory, based in Emmaljunga, Sweden, since 1925.  We have made a conscious choice, as the only pram manufacturer to retain production in Sweden and Europe, to invest heavily in product development and environmental safeguards in our Swedish factory. This means that we are unable to mass produce prams in the lowest price range.

We aim to offer our customers the opportunity to consider the environment in choosing an Emmaljunga product in addition to genuine Swedish quality. To enable us to have full control of the quality of our products, almost all of the constituent components of an Emmaljunga pram are made in our factory in Emmaljunga, Sweden. We precision bend the chassis tubing, manufacture our own wheels and plastic parts and also have our own surface treatment facilities. Although certain parts of the manufacturing process are automated, other parts are still genuinely handcrafted, including the assembly of our prams.

At a time when the choice of products is vast and products become more and more interchangeable, strong brands represent more than exceptional quality. Our customers and suppliers appreciate our responsibility and commitment, which we value above, growth and market share. Our core values of safety, function and design have made Emmaljunga a well respected name around the world.

With approximately 95% of all prams now being manufactured in Asia, we are proud to be different and maintain our tradition of craftsmanship in Sweden. We have maintained our quality control, skills and workplaces in Europe and offer our customers the opportunity to consider not only quality, but also the environment in their purchase.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 90 x 30 x 50 cm

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