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Australian Online Antenatal Classes You Can Take During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted: April 20, 2020

Online Antenatal ClassesThe effects of Coronavirus are far-reaching, with face to face antenatal classes being cancelled throughout Australia. For all the parents to be, these cancellations can be very distressing. Preparation for birth and parenthood is so essential to give parents confidence and reduce uncertainty.

Antenatal classes, also referred to as prenatal classes or birth and parenting classes can come in many forms, from pregnancy yoga to active birth techniques, all with the same aim of preparing you for a positive childbirth experience.

The good news is that many Australian online pregnancy classes are turning virtual. While online pregnancy classes may not be the norm, there are many benefits to learning online. You can revisit information, go at your own pace, feel more relaxed in your home environment and they are often more cost-effective.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of online antenatal classes you can view from the comfort and safety of your own home. Some classes also provide post-natal information, so you can be prepared for what happens after you give birth. All classes provide high-quality, evidence-based childbirth education to make you feel empowered to tackle pregnancy during a global pandemic!

Online Antenatal Classes

Online Antenatal Class #1 – Hypnobirthing Australia

Hypnobirthing Australia offers a unique childbirth education course to help prepare mothers and their birthing partners with the knowledge and tools to have a calm birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing Australia teaches techniques of self-hypnosis to help manage the pain and anxiety associated with childbirth.

In this course, you will attain the knowledge and techniques to help your body and mind prepare for birth. Hypnobirthing Australia is providing live online classes, either in the form of scheduled classes via Zoom, Skype and Webinar or private online sessions.

You can see a list of their online course options here.

Online Antenatal Classes Online Antenatal Class #2 – About Birth

About Birth offers a comprehensive online birthing course, with six learning modules that teach you about the different aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. In this online pregnancy course, you will receive evidence-based information, practical tips and real-life birthing stories. The modules cover each stage of pregnancy as well as after birth.

A great feature this pregnancy class offers is the ability to make notes as you go with their unique MyNotes feature. As you watch the videos, you can make notes on points you want to remember or any questions you have.

You can review the About Birth online program here.

Online Antenatal Classes

Online Antenatal Class #3 – Calmbirth

Calmbirth is a childbirth education program aimed at preparing you emotionally, mentally and physically for birth. This childbirth program focuses heavily on the relationship between the mind and body during birth. The program aims to empower couples to overcome their fear and stress about birth by providing knowledge and skills.

Many Calmbirth courses, including the hospital courses, have been shifted to run as virtual classes on the Zoom Platform. In these online antenatal classes, couples can engage with other pregnant couples and their Calmbirth Educator.

You can read more about their virtual classrooms and book a Zoom course here.

Online Antenatal ClassesOnline Antenatal Class #4 – Nourish Baby

Nourish Baby offers a range of antenatal and early parenting classes online. The goal of their courses is to promote a positive pregnancy and birthing and early parenting experience. Nourish Baby are an Australian Council of Healthcare Services accredited organisation, with many of their programs used in hospitals, family health centres and early childhood education services.

Nourish Baby has a course for all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parents. You can take an online course on breastfeeding, having a positive labour and birth, pregnancy health and fitness and raising a toddler, just to name a few. All courses can be done at your own pace, with the ability to revisit the course content anytime you choose.

You can check out their online courses here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Types of Antenatal Classes?

Antenatal classes can come in different forms, but all have the purpose of preparing you for a positive labour, birth and parental experience via knowledge and skills.

  • Calmbirth (education program to promote understand the birth process)
  • Hypnobirthing (deep mediation and relaxation techniques & support)
  • Lamaze classes (breathing and relaxation classes)
  • Pregnancy yoga
  • Active birth (birthing positions and techniques)
  • Aqua-natal classes (exercise classes in swimming pools)

When to Start Antenatal Classes?

Generally, it’s best to start antenatal classes at the 20th week of your pregnancy. Exercise-related antenatal classes like Yoga or Aqua-natal classes can be started at the start of your pregnancy.

How Much do Antenatal Classes Cost?

The cost of antenatal classes can vary depending on the length of the course, type of course and if they are private or through hospitals. Some classes through hospitals are free while private classes can cost as much as $500. In some cases, classes can be eligible for government rebates. Now that many classes have moved to be delivered online, the cost may be less.

How long do Antenatal Classes Go For?

The length of the course will depend on the organisation you choose to go through. There also may be many options, including short courses on specific areas of pregnancy or more comprehensive courses.


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