Medela is a world leader in breastfeeding products, known for its high-quality breast pumps, nursing accessories, and breastfeeding education. Medela’s mission to support mothers and babies in their breastfeeding journey is evident in their innovative products, designed with the health and comfort of both mother and child in mind. At Babyroad, Australian families can access Medela’s range of products online and in our Western Australia store, including electric and manual breast pumps, breast care supplies, and milk storage solutions. Medela’s dedication to research and understanding the needs of breastfeeding families ensures that their products are not only practical but also supportive of the natural bonding experience between mother and baby.

With Medela, parents can find everything they need for a successful breastfeeding experience, from initiation to continuation and even transitioning. The brand’s commitment to quality and evidence-based research makes it a trusted choice for healthcare professionals and parents alike.

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What Medela products are available at Babyroad?

Babyroad offers a wide range of Medela products, including breast pumps, milk storage bags, nursing pads, and breastfeeding accessories, all designed to support the breastfeeding journey.

Why are Medela breast pumps recommended by healthcare professionals?

Medela breast pumps are recommended due to their efficiency, comfort, and innovative features that mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm, making them effective for expressing milk and supporting lactation.

Can I find accessories and spare parts for Medela products at Babyroad?

Yes, Babyroad stocks a comprehensive selection of accessories and spare parts for Medela products, ensuring you can easily maintain and enhance your breastfeeding equipment.

Why should I choose Medela products from Babyroad?

Choosing Medela products from Babyroad means you’re selecting from a brand renowned for its scientific approach to breastfeeding support, backed by our expertise in baby and parenting products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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