Oricom is a leading brand in communication and monitoring technology, specialising in baby monitors, two-way radios, and healthcare products for families. Renowned for their reliability, innovation, and user-friendly designs, Oricom products provide peace of mind to parents by helping them stay connected with their children and monitor their well-being. Babyroad proudly offers a selection of Oricom products, both online and at our Western Australia store, ensuring Australian families have access to cutting-edge communication and monitoring solutions.

From advanced baby monitors with video and audio capabilities to durable two-way radios for outdoor adventures, Oricom products are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern families. With Babyroad’s range of Oricom items, parents can enjoy enhanced communication and monitoring capabilities, whether at home or on the go.

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What types of products does Oricom offer?

Oricom offers a range of communication and monitoring products, including baby monitors, two-way radios, healthcare devices, and more, designed to keep families connected and informed.

Why are Oricom baby monitors popular among parents?

Oricom baby monitors are popular for their reliability, crystal-clear audio and video quality, long-range capabilities, and additional features such as temperature monitoring and lullabies.

Can I find Oricom products suitable for different situations?

Yes, Oricom offers products suitable for various situations, from baby monitors for home use to two-way radios for outdoor adventures, ensuring there are options available for every family’s needs.

Why choose Oricom products from Babyroad?

Choosing Oricom products from Babyroad means selecting from a range of trusted communication and monitoring solutions, backed by our commitment to providing quality products and exceptional customer service.

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