Wilson and Frenchy

Wilson + Frenchy is an Australian brand celebrated for its thoughtfully crafted baby and kids’ clothing and bedding. Known for their subtle colour palette, hand-illustrated prints, and organic, sustainable materials, Wilson + Frenchy’s range offers both style and comfort. Babyroad, catering to discerning Australian parents, showcases this brand’s collection online and in our Western Australia store, making these beautiful, eco-friendly products easily accessible.

What sets Wilson + Frenchy apart is their commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring each product is not only beautiful but also kind to the environment. Their clothing and bedding lines are perfect for Australian conditions, combining practicality with a modern aesthetic. At Babyroad, we’re delighted to provide Wilson + Frenchy’s exceptional range, helping parents make eco-conscious choices for their children’s wardrobes and nurseries.

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What makes Wilson + Frenchy's range unique?

Wilson and Frenchy stands out for its hand-illustrated designs, use of organic and sustainable materials, and a commitment to quality and eco-friendliness in baby and kids’ clothing and bedding.

Are Wilson and Frenchy products suitable for the Australian climate?

Absolutely. Wilson and Frenchy designs their products specifically for Australian conditions, ensuring they are comfortable, breathable, and suitable for our diverse climate.

Can I find a full range of Wilson and Frenchy products at Babyroad?

Yes, Babyroad offers a comprehensive collection of Wilson and Frenchy products, including their latest clothing and bedding lines, available both online and in our WA store.

Why should I choose Wilson and Frenchy products from Babyroad?

Choosing Wilson and Frenchy from Babyroad means selecting eco-friendly, stylish, and high-quality products, along with the convenience and reliability of our customer service.

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