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Does Babyroad Have a Store?

Yes, we have a physical baby store located at 1/271 Leach Highway, Booragoon.

If you are unable to visit us in person and have an enquiry, please contact our experienced customer service team members by calling (08) 9317 1423 or send an enquiry online.

Does Babyroad Ship Australia-Wide?

Yes, Babyroad does provide Australia-wide delivery!

To calculate the shipping rate to your area, add your chosen items to the cart and enter your postcode and address.

How Do I Figure Out My Baby's Shoe Size?

Choosing the correct shoe size is a very important step in ensuring that your child’s feet are fully supported.

Letting your little one wear shoes with the correct dimensions allows their feet to develop naturally during this crucial stage.

It is very easy – simply measure the foot from the heel to the tip to the end of the big toe and add an extra 1cm for future growth space.

An easy way to do this without the struggle of trying to keep them still is to trace the foot on paper and measure from there!

When you decide to go shoe shopping for your little one, we highly recommend that you cut out the tracing and bring it with you in-store.

What Are the Best Shoes For My Baby or Toddler to Learn How to Walk?

It is such an exciting time when your babies start walking – a milestone that you will never forget!

As a parent, you want the best for your child. So choosing the correct pair of shoes for this developing stage is crucial.

It is important to know that the shoes you get for your little one during this time should offer full support, be comfortable and allow for easy movement.

When learning to walk, kids need flexible and light shoes that should imitate the movement of walking barefoot.

When Should My Baby Start Wearing Shoes?

Shoes are not only used for walking but also offer protection and warmth.

Babies only start walking properly after around a year, but this doesn’t mean that they should only start wearing shoes then.

There are many stages of children’s feet growth and development, requiring specific styles, sizes and forms of shoes.

Your child can start wearing shoes as early as six months when they are in their pre-walking stage.

This is when they are starting to sit up or crawl and is the most fragile time for the foot during its growth.

It should have a soft sole, be flexible and breathable, and provide sufficient structure.

How Quickly Do Babies' Feet Grow?

Your little one’s feet grow at a very rapid pace!

As much as we can agree that we would love for them to remain little forever, we need to understand how quick the growing process is:

  • For the first 15 months, their feet grow half a size every two months.
  • From then until 2 years, their feet grow half a size every two months.
  • From then until 3 years, their feet grow half a size every three to four months.
  • From then to 5 years, their feet grow half a size every four months

What Should I Consider When Choosing Shoes For My Baby or Toddler?

  • Do they fit? Are they flexible, with enough wiggle room, and are spacious around the toes?
  • Do they have a good structure? Look for good quality soles, adjustable straps, sufficient arch support, and easy to put on and take off.
  • Do they fit their intended purpose? There are shoes made specifically for the pre-walking phase and shoes specifically for the walking stage.

What Are Baby Booties?

Newborns and babies who are in the pre-walking stage wear booties.

Booties cover their feet and help keep them nice and warm. Soft and comfortable, booties are essentially like wearing socks.

What Payment Methods Does Babyroad Offer?

At Babyroad, we accept all major credit cards as well as AfterPay and Zip. We also offer lay-by.

Can I Collect My Order In-Store?

Yes, you can collect your order from Babyroad’s physical store located in Booragoon, WA, and it’s completely free!

For more details, visit our ‘Click-and-Collect’ information page.

Can I Return an Item to Babyroad?

Yes, we do accept returns under certain conditions.

For more details, visit our ‘Shipping and Returns’ information page.

Do You Still Have an Unanswered Question?

At Babyroad, we don’t just sell baby and toddler shoes.

Complete your family shopping journey with our range of prams, toys and gifts, car seats, clothes, nursery products and more.

When looking for the best advice whilst shopping, we recommend that our customers come visit us and shop in-store.

Our team members are more than happy to provide you and your family with any information you may need on our brands and products!

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