Lamps & Night Lights

Create a soft, welcoming environment for your baby and eliminate the fear of monsters from your toddler by placing a cute nursery lamp or night light in your child’s bedroom or nursery. Nursery lamps and night lights can come in handy right from birth up to double figures.

Nursery lamps are widely used to brighten the room just enough for those night-time feeds. The light will be well-lit enough for you to view your baby, yet mellow enough not to disturb their precious sleep.

Baby night lights are often used when a child starts to develop an overactive imagination, they allow children to see the room around them without producing too much light which could disturb their sleep. Night lights can also help with toilet training, by guiding the way to the toilet in the dark of night. Babyroad have many different styles and brands to choose from that so you are guaranteed to find a style or theme perfect for your room.

Nursery Lamps
Browse through our vast range of nursery lamps. Choose the perfect baby lamp from many different styles and colours to suit the feel & décor of your room. Babyroad’s baby lamps are suitable for both newborns and toddlers, offering a warm welcoming glow to sooth and aid sleep. They also make a great baby gift!

Night Lights
Banish those pesky monsters forever by allowing your toddler to see all the corners of their bedroom in the darkest of nights with a night light from Babyroad. Night lights come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can also offer different function such a sound and smell, or you they can double up as a clock.

A great night sleep is only a click away. Check out our range of fun and functional nursery lamps and night lights below:

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