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When raising a child, it’s critical to have as many baby essentials available to you quickly so you can handle any situation that may arise. Whether it’s for a quick nappy change, a bottle for feeding, or something else entirely, nappy bags are the perfect accompaniment for parents to handle all your baby needs.

Babyroad is Australia’s #1 baby shop! We have been proudly supplying families across Australia with our high-quality baby products for over 20 years. At Babyroad, we have an extensive range of nappy bags and wallets from some of Australia’s most reputable baby brands, including OiOi, Vanchi, Isoki, 3 Little Crowns, Outlookbaby, Skip Hop, Joolz, Uppababy and more!

With so many options available, it’s important that you choose the right nappy bag or wallet for your lifestyle and individual needs. We recommend that our customers come visit us and shop in-store. Our team members are more than happy to provide you and your family with any information you may need on our brands and products!

If you would like to find out more about our nappy bags and wallets, check out our frequently asked questions. For any related nappy bags and wallets enquiries, please contact us by calling (08) 9317 1423, filling out an enquiry form or come visit us in-store at our baby store showroom in Booragoon!

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What Are Nappy Bags?

Baby nappy bags – also known as diaper bags – are used to carry essential baby gear while you’re out running errands, having lunch with friends, or anywhere else the day takes you. The items in a nappy bag typically consist of nappies, wipes, toys, bottles, and other things that you and your baby need on hand.

Nappy bags come in all shapes and sizes. At Babyroad, we offer nappy bag backpacks, nappy wallets, circular bags, square bags, and more. You’ll have no trouble finding a stylish and functional travel nappy bag to hold your baby must-haves. If you’re shopping for the perfect nappy bag in Australia, you’ll love our wide selection!

How Are Nappy Bags Different From Regular Backpacks?

The primary difference between regular backpack bags and nappy bags is the shape and quantity of the storage pockets and the way they’re carried.

Most baby bags are typically designed to be carried over your shoulder, on your back, or cross-body. The purpose of this is to ensure that you have your hands free – an essential for parents travelling with babies – which designs such as a shoulder bag can provide.

The multiple pockets and compartments in a nappy bag are specifically designed to hold baby items like bottles. This is quite different from regular backpacks, which may have compartments designed for laptops that are useless to parents running errands with their babies.

A regular backpack can function as a nappy bag, but the perfect baby bag is a must-have if organisation and convenience are important to you.

What is the Difference Between a Nappy Bag and a Nappy Wallet?

The key difference between a nappy bag and a nappy wallet is size. Nappy change wallets function as a compact foldable compartment for nappies and other small items. They can fit inside a nappy bag or almost any other tote bag or rucksack. They really come in handy if you’re only out for a few hours and want to use one of your regular everyday bags.

If you plan on being out for longer than an hour or two, you may need a nappy bag. A nappy bag is bulkier, but they’re capable of carrying far more items, including nappies, wipes, bottles, toys, a blanket, a change of clothes, and more. Of course, the two can also be used together. You can keep your nappy wallet in the nappy bag, using the wallet to hold things you want to be immediately accessible.

What Should I Have In My Nappy Bag?

Nappy bags are meant to carry much more than just nappies. You can use them to carry plenty of other changing items, such as wipes, nappy rash cream, hand sanitiser, a portable change mat, a change of clothes, and extra warm layers.

Nappy changes aren’t the only challenge parents face while on the go with their little ones. Feeding can also be difficult if you don’t have room for all the items you typically use. Thankfully, a nappy bag can store one or two bibs, bottles, formula, a burp cloth or muslin wrap, baby food, and even utensils.

A sizeable nappy bag can carry many general items as well. This includes small toys and teething rings to keep babies occupied, a baby wrap for swaddling, and a dummy. You can also store first-aid supplies like bandages and infant-safe sunscreen and insect repellent. 

When purchasing a nappy bag in Australia, be sure to purchase one large enough to carry all of you and your baby’s must-have items. It’s important to pick the best nappy bag for you, as this will differ from person to person!

What Should Mums Carry for Themselves in a Nappy Bag?

Having all the essentials doesn’t just mean baby products. Depending on the size you purchase, your nappy bag should have enough room for lots of mum’s must-haves as well! This includes disposable or washable breast pads for nursing mothers to avoid any leaks.

You can also use your nappy bag to carry sunscreen, a hat, a bottle of water, some snacks, and a change of clothes. The extra top will definitely come in handy if your baby ever spits up on you while you’re out.

How Many Nappies Should I Pack in My Nappy Bag?

It’s hard to predict exactly when and where your little one will need their nappy changed. That’s why spare nappies are a critical component of any good baby bag.

We recommend carrying between 4-6 extra nappies in your nappy bag, depending on how long you’ll be out and about. In most situations, one nappy for each hour plus a couple extra should be enough. This may seem like a lot, but you never want to be in a situation where you’re short of a nappy or two!

Can I Use a Nappy Bag as an Everyday Bag?

Absolutely! One of the best features of our nappy bags is that they double as stylish and practical accessories. With their gorgeous materials and elegant prints, our faux leather baby bags and nappy wallets can totally elevate your outfits.

Just because a bag’s full of nappies doesn’t mean it can’t look good! Designer nappy bags can be stylish while still being the perfect solution for those on a busy schedule.

Keep you and your baby’s essentials on hand at all times in an easily accessible nappy bag – and be sure to keep Babyroad in mind for all your baby needs!

Does Babyroad Have a Store?

Yes, we have a brick-and-mortar baby store located at 1/271 Leach Highway, Booragoon. Visit us in-store today and explore our extensive range of car seats, toys, baby prams, and more, from some of Australia’s best-known brands.

If you are unable to visit us in person and have an enquiry, please contact our experienced customer service team members on (08) 9317 1423 or send an enquiry online.

Does Babyroad Ship Australia-Wide?

Yes, Babyroad does provide Australia-wide delivery! To calculate the shipping rate to your area, add your chosen items to the cart and enter your postcode and address.

What Payment Methods Does Babyroad Offer?

At Babyroad, we accept all major credit cards as well as AfterPay and Zip. We also offer lay-by.

Can I Collect My Order In-Store?

Yes, you can collect your order from Babyroad’s physical store located in Booragoon, WA, and it’s completely free! For more details, visit our ‘Click-and-Collect’ information page.

Can I Return an Item to Babyroad?

Yes, we do accept returns under certain conditions. For more details, visit our ‘Shipping and Returns’ information page.

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At Babyroad, we don’t just sell nappy bags and wallets. Complete your family shopping journey with our range of prams, toys and gifts, car seats, clothes, and more. When looking for the best advice whilst nappy bag shopping, we recommend that our customers come visit us and shop in-store. Our team members are more than happy to provide you and your family with any information you may need on our brands and products!

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