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Babyroad Are Here to Help You Choose the Best Baby Pram

Our Babyroad experts have been helping match prams to parents for the past 20 years. With so many baby prams and stroller options available, it’s important to choose the right pram to fit your lifestyle and individual requirements. You also want to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable. If you have any questions or queries you would like to discuss about our baby prams, simply visit our Perth showroom or contact our Babyroad experts on (08) 9317 1423, or fill in an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Free Demonstration Days for Baby Prams in Perth

Choosing a pram for your little one is a big decision. You want the pram to be comfortable for them but also practical for your daily activities. At Babyroad we run regular Pram Demonstration Days for you to view our range of baby prams and see what prams are suited to your lifestyle. For example, some prams are more suited to joggers and some are more suited to those who require a two in one option. Check when our next free Babyroad workshop is coming up here.


When can babies go in a pram?

Babies can go in a pram from the moment they’re born. However, the type of pram suitable changes depending on their age, for example newborns need to go in a fully reclinable pram.

What are the best baby prams for travel?

When travelling with a baby you want to have a pram that is versatile, and above all, easily compactable! At Babyroad, we have a range of prams suitable for your travels, whether it’s the Bugaboo Ant Pram or the Babyzen Yoyo2. Visit our Perth Showroom or speak to one of our Babyroad experts today.

What type of pram is best for a newborn?

A pram that fully reclines or one with a bassinet attachment is required for a newborn up until the age of about 6 months, or when they can hold up and support their own neck. We have a wide range of light-weight and compact reclinable prams, including the Bugaboo Fox2, the Uppababy Vista V2 and many more.

When can I jog with my baby in a pram?

Most experts recommend that you don’t start jogging with your baby in a pram until they are at least 6 months old, however this age may change depending on the baby’s development. If you and your little one are ready to get jogging, we have a number of prams suitable for your adventure. Choose from the Bumbleride Indie, or the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, and many more.

What should I look for in a pram?

5 key features we recommend you look for in a pram:

  1. Make sure it is compactable and folds up easily
  2. Make sure it fits everything you need
  3. Ensure it’s suitable to your lifestyle
  4. Make sure it has weather protection
  5. Take it for a test run before you make the purchase decision

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