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Top Gifts for Twins – Ideas for Mums Expecting Twins


gifts for twins

It’s always fun shopping for mums and their new babies, but when there are two little bundles of joy on the way shopping may become a bit of a challenge. We are going to help turn that gifts for twins challenge into a pleasant shopping experience by looking at some brilliant gifts you can purchase for mums and their twin babies.

Home Necessities for Twins

Baby Gate

Once the twins are mobile, mum and dad are sure to want a baby gate or two around the house. It’s hard enough to keep track of one baby on the run, imagine two. A mesh baby gate is safe and attractive. There are no bars for babies to get an arm or leg caught in and no metal for them to bump and hurt their heads. This gate is retractable and can be left open and out of the way when not in use. A baby gate is something to put at the top of your gift list.


Any family with twins is going to need two highchairs. When purchasing a highchair, you want to look at all the safety and convenience features. Anything that can make parents’ life more comfortable will be very much appreciated. You may want to consider something like this adjustable highchair with lockable wheels. With this chair, parents can easily set the chair in just the way they want.


There are going to be times when mum needs her hands free. There’s nothing better than a baby bouncer for these times. Babies love the gentle movement of bouncers. Bouncers such as the Veebee Serenity come in many colours and fold flat for storage.

On the Go with the Twins

gifts for twins

Car Seats

Every family with children must have a car seat or in this case, two. Vehicle safety is a concern of every parent, and many will request the car seat they want. If you are looking for a car seat and don’t have a specific one in mind, you may want to start by looking at Twin prams. These seats usually work for ages newborn to approximately four years of age. Car seats are an excellent gift that will last for years.

Travel Cots

Mums will want a travel cot for their day or overnight outings. They are perfect for stays in hotels or at family member homes. Families with twins should be able to use one travel cot for their babies. Especially while they are very young, they should be able to sleep in the same bed. Playing in the travel cot will be enjoyable for the twins as they will have a playmate close by. Adults will be happy to have the little ones in a safe play area.

Nappy Bag

A nappy bag is an absolute must for mums who are expecting twins. If you are considering buying a nappy bag, be sure that it’s large enough to hold nappies and supplies for two babies. Nappy bags come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Backpack styles are perfect for mums with twins because their arms are almost always going to be full.

Clothing and Accessories for Twins


Onesies are an item of clothing that new mums can’t get enough of for their babies. You may want to consider gifting a few of these, in sizes from newborn up.


Many newborns spend a good majority of their time in sleepers. Sleepers are comfortable for babies, wash easily, and come in many different materials from lightweight to heavyweight. The perfect gift for all seasons.

Hooded Bath Towels

You can imagine how many baths the mum of twins will be giving. She will surely be pleased with some hooded bath towels is a gift.

gifts for twins

Seasonal Clothing

When purchasing clothing for twins, be sure to consider what their age will be when they wear the item. You may want to consider matching outfits but in different colours. There’s nothing more adorable than twins dressed as twins.


How about packing a tote bag full of accessories for mum and her babies. This can include booties, pacifiers, socks, undershirts, bibs, washcloths, and other everyday necessities. Mum will not only have the goodies for her babies but will also have a tote bag that she will surely be able to put to good use.

gifts for twins

Practical Items for Twins

Baby Basket

This gift is one that will surely be appreciated and used by a new mum. Find a good size basket that can be used as a laundry or toy basket. Stuff it full of all kinds of practical items. Buy things such as nappies, wipes, baby shampoo, baby bath soap, bottles, baby powder, burp cloths, and teething rings or toys. Mums with twins are going to need lots of these and will go through them twice as fast as a mum with one newborn.

Bath Basket

Fill a baby bath with all the bath items mum will need for her little ones. Be sure to include bath soap, washcloths, baby shampoo, and hooded towels. You may want to add a few after bath items such as baby powder and lotions too.

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