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Old School Games for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Posted: 03.07.18

Games for kids birthday parties

It’s party time! Kids birthday parties are an excellent way for children and parents to socialise and have some fun! In recent times, it’s not uncommon to turn up to a kid’s birthday party, where there is a bouncy castle, clown or Disney character, hired to entertain the group. Which is great (who doesn’t love an Elsa at a party!), but remember the old school games we used to play at kid’s parties?

If you are a big kid yourself, you might remember back to some of the most fun you had playing games at kid’s parties. There are some seriously fun (and inexpensive) games you can arrange next time you are the party host. Here are some of our all-time favourites:

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

The easiest game to set up, and great if you are experiencing some bad weather and need an indoor activity.

Simply get a picture of a tail-less donkey (or any other animal, dinosaurs are pretty popular), and stick it on the wall. Supply some stick-on tails for the kids, and one by one blind fold them, and get them to ‘stick’ the tail to the donkey – the closest one wins!

Two People Run In Egg and Spoon Race At Festival

Egg & Spoon Race

You will need enough space to race, with this one. The aim is to balance and egg on a spoon, and race to the finish line – without losing your egg. A simple game that requires both balance and speed. For the younger ones, try a hardboiled egg or potato (less messy!).

Sack Race

While we are racing, sack races are another great way to even the playing field. Everyone stands in a sack, and must bounce their way to the finish line.


Great game for coordination. All you need is about 4m of thick elastic band (joined together to make a circle). Play with three kids at a time, with two kids holding the elastic taught with their legs. The third child needs to jump over or on the elastic in time to music or different rhymes (eg Jump Inside, Outside, Inside, On). Start with the elastic at ankle height, and make it more difficult each round, by moving higher up the leg.

Simon Says

One child plays the role of “Simon” and gives instructions to the rest of the group, always beginning with “Simon says…”. Think funny instructions, such as “Simon says, jump like a kangaroo” or “Simon says, sing a song..” etc.

Eventually Simon will give an instruction without saying “Simon says” – anyone who follows that instruction, is out of the game.

Knife & Fork Chocolate Game

Ever tried to eat a block of chocolate with a knife and fork? Its hilarious (and pretty impossible). What you will need to play:

  • Large block of chocolate
  • Chopping Board
  • Knife & Fork
  • Dice
  • Dress up props: think hat, scarf, sunglasses, gloves.

Get the kids to sit in a circle with everything in the middle. They will take it in turns to roll the dice, and when someone rolls a six, they need to dress up in all the props, then start trying to eat the chocolate with the knife and fork (as fast as they can). In the meantime, everyone keeps taking it in turns to try and roll a six, when they do, they will put on the props and start eating!

children playing at kids birthday party

Three-legged Race

Here is a good one to involve the parents. Grab two people and tie one of their legs to their partner. The game requires the pair to work together to race to the finish line, three-legged style.

Pass the Parcel

A golden oldie. Wrap the “prize” in many layers of wrapping paper. Hide an additional smaller prize in some of the other layers. Kids pass the parcel around in a circle, in time to music. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel, gets to unwrap a layer, with eventually someone getting to unwrap the prize.

Is your favourite game on the list? Let us know what fun Games you played as a kid! Need some party gift ideas? Check out our range of kids toys and games online – or visit us in our Perth store to speak to our experienced team!


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