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First Birthday Present Ideas


A child’s first birthday party is a great milestone for everyone involved! It’s the child’s first big birthday, it’s to congratulate the parents for surviving a whole year with an infant and it’s a celebration for all the friends and family who love the baby.

Buying a first birthday present can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if you are not a parent yourself. If appropriate, it’s a great idea to ask the parents if there is anything they particularly need, as they might be in the market for a new pram or car seat, or something else which you can contribute to purchasing for them.

Creative Baby Interactive iMat & Pen - Alphabet

Choose an Educational Gift

By the time they turn one, a lot of babies have already mastered their basic motor skills, including sitting up, crawling and possibly pulling themselves up with the prospect of first steps. They are also starting to get vocal, with lots of little first words coming through. We suggest finding an educational gift, which can help further the one-year-old’s development of motor skills, vocabulary and language.

Also, consider a gift that can grow with the child – choose developmental toys or games which have various levels, which get harder as they get older, or even games which they can play with older siblings or friends, which have different skill levels.

A baby’s first birthday is a special time, which we all want to celebrate. To help you find the perfect gift we have put together some first birthday present ideas which can help enhance a one-year-old’s education and development and be a lot of fun!

Interactive Play Mats

Interactive Play Mats are a great way to engage a one-year-old, while they are still spending most of their time on the floor. There are range of play mats which come with developmental activities such as mirrors, rattles, musical sounds, teethers and other interactive toys.

Creativity and curiosity are the cornerstones in the development of every child. Encouraging learning with interactive colours and sounds is a great language and cognitive learning tool.

Babyroad Recommends: We are absolutely loving the Creative Baby Interactive iMats – they come with an interactive voice pen, which repsonds when you touch images.

The iMat’s adjust with your child’s development and go up the levels as your child learns and grows. These mats encourage hand-eye coordination and improve language recognition with the Voice Pen, keeping them entertained as they learn.

You can also switch between four languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Canadian French) to start the basics for learning a second language.

There are two iMat options:


Teach your one-year-old the Alphabet in a fun and interactive way. Touch the pen to the different letters to learn the alphabet!

My Animal World

The My Animal World iMat has illustrations of over 50 animals for children to learn. Point the voice pen to objects on the iMat and listen for all the different animals, music and fun sounds.

Creative Baby Interactive iMat & Pen My Animal World

Visit our Perth Showroom to see the iMat in action!

Walkers & Entertainers

Walking is a big milestone for children as they march toward the toddler years. To assist them on their journey to walking, and help build coordination and strength, there are some great walkers and entertainers to get started.

Walkers and Entertainers come with plenty of toys and development features, such as coloured shape sorters, pushing beads through shapes, music, and so on, which are great to help build coordination (and keep them busy).

Babyroad recommends: Walkers and Entertainers come with a variety of entertainment options, to keep toddlers entertained. The Safety 1st Melody Garden Activity Centre comes with 7 interactive toys, sounds and lights. This Jolly Jumper also comes with a musical mat, so baby can create music when landing on the mat.

Musical Toys

Musical toys make a great one-year-old birthday present, as there are so many enriching benefits for their development.

Musical toys are known to help with language skills (singing along to the songs), social skills and memory. They can also boost cognitive and fine motor skills – particularly toys that create their own music (rather than just make music on their own). So sorry parents, but those drums or xylophones they can bang are a great choice.

Babyroad recommends: For our budding toddler musicians, the Hape Mini Band Set is a whole set of beginners instruments, including a ukulele, tambourine, clapper, rattle and rainmaker – get the kids together and start a band 😉

Reading Books

Reading is so important for learning language skills and the earlier parents get started, the better! “Read early and often” says Sarah MacLaughlin, a child development expert, and senior writer at Zero to Three. While it might seem a bit strange reading a book to a one-year-old, they are learning at every stage of their development and language skills are forming, well before they can talk.

This makes reading super important for early development, and books make a great gift for a first birthday gift! We all have our favourite books from when we were a child, so think about gifting a book you remember reading with your parents.

Babyroad recommends: Jellycat have a range of books that are suitable from birth. They come with wipe clean pages and interactive options, such as the Jellycat Farm Tails Book, which comes with various tails attached to animals throughout the book.

One-Year-Old Hamper Gift

Want to give a tailored made gift? Why not put together a custom hamper with lots of handy items for a one-year-old. There are so many options for useful items, such as suction feeding bowls and bottles, stylish bibs, clothes, reading books, toys, teethers – really the list is endless. Create a colour scheme or stylish theme (think Australiana or Jungle Animals) to tie it all together.

Babyroad have put together hundreds of custom hampers for one-year-old presents, so feel free to give us a call or visit our Perth Showroom for help putting together a custom hamper.

babyroad first birthday present ideas

Babyroad Hamper Ideas

Need Help Selecting the Perfect Present?

Babyroad have been helping Perth families find the right baby products, for over 20 years. If you are looking for the perfect 1st birthday present, or need help to decide what’s right for your child, please feel free to visit our Perth Showroom, where our team will be happy to help you put together a custom gift. Or feel free to give us a call today, we also have AfterPay, zipMoney and Lay-by options available!

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